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YORI: ... What did he give you? *curiously*
KIRYU: *holding them in his hand so she doesn't see them*
Do you really wanna know? *somewhat sarcastic*
YORI: *blinks*
Oh, please do not tell me... *blushes and looks away* I am gonna kill him when I get home. *not looking at Kiryu*
KIRYU: ... *studying her for a few moments*
*turns away from her for a sec* Well...
*turns back to her* ... lets not let anything more ruin this day for us.
*puts his hand around her and on her shoulder* Come on.
*starts leading them*
YORI: ...Yes. *looks down not daring to look at him*
KIRYU: ... *sighs while walking, finally relaxed*
YORI: ... By the way, I remember I was telling you something important but he interrupted us and now I cannot remember what I was going to say... *leans onto him* Still, I am glad he acknowledged you. *smiles*
KIRYU: *smiles back at her* Me too.
looks in front of him* ... I can't remember what was it we were actually talking about...
*looks down* ... But I still remember my point...
YORI: ... I am sorry, I am so scatterbrained... *looks down depressed*
KIRYU: *pats her gently on the head* It's okay...
YORI: *puts an arm around his waist and continues leaning on his chest* I like you so much... I will keep telling you that till you get annoyed.*smiles playfully*
KIRYU: *in a lower tone, snuggling her* ... And I'll keep telling you you're cute until you're annoyed.
... Though I'm a little afraid of doing that after your friend did it.
YORI: *snuggles against him*
*blushes* I will not get annoyed since I know you mean it... *stops and kisses him lightly*
KIRYU: ... *kisses her back briefly*
... *thinks*
YORI: *hugs him* ....
KIRYU: *chuckles* Yori, we're in public!
YORI: I cannot help it. *pouts* You are like catnip to me right now... *blushes slightly*
KIRYU: ... *containing himself as much as he can*
*goes very near her, whispers, giving her a crazy amused look* ... I am so going to kiss you every time you pout!...
... Consider yourself lucky we're surrounded by so many people...
... But I'll make it up to you... first chance I get...

*straightens himself completely*
YORI: *grins* Oh, I will make sure you do. *smiles* So, where is the café? I am getting a little hungry now too. :) (Smile)
KIRYU: *as they walk over the bridge* Hmm... About a 10 minutes walk from here...
... But I'm not sure they serve food there too...
Let me think for a moment...

*is thinking*
YORI: ... I am not really sure how I should behave... *looking away*
What do you mean?
YORI: You are my first boyfriend. Heck, you are even the first real guy I have liked so I'm nervous that I might do something and you will not like me anymore... *looks down*
KIRYU: ......
*holds her closer, comforting her*
It's okay. You did forget that you're the first girl I'm going out with too.
I want to make this outing great for you, but I'm nervous I might end up screwing it up as well..
YORI: *smiles* Then, let us just try and just have fun like friends, no pressure... I want to be your friend first and foremost after all...*unsure*
KIRYU: ... Heh heh heh.
Why do you sound so unsure?
 :) (Smile)
YORI: Because I was not sure if it was going to come out right... I mean, I want to be your girlfriend, though I already am. *babbling* Just that I want us to be friends first and foremost not matter what...
*going through the part with the trees now*
KIRYU: ...... Says a girl who started her relationship with me by throwing me from one end of the room to another.

*gives her a reassuring gentle squeeze again* Don't worry Yori, I think we're doing fine.
YORI: ... *pouts* You are not going to let me forget that, are you? *looking away*
KIRYU: ..... *smiles brightly* Naah, I didn't really mind it.
I'd go through it again anytime, if it means... getting closer to you.
YORI: *chuckles* Are you sure you are an S? You sound like an M to me?
KIRYU: ... *grins deviously* You sure you want to find out?
YORI: *smiles slyly* Yes! *chuckles*
KIRYU: ... *didn't really expect such a reaction* ... Well, we ARE going to pass by the Military museum... *smiles slyly*
YORI: ... We should play war sometime. *smiles*
KIRYU: ... *defeated*
... We'll have plenty of time to do that....
... That is, if you're planing to go out with me again?

*looks at her sideways, expectantly*
YORI: I cannot believe you even have to ask... Of course I want to! *smiles sweetly*
KIRYU: Dunno. *looking ahead of him*
After your friend's reaction...
... Is he the only one against us?
YORI: ...*looks away* Actually... my brother... He is going to be worse than Ralph... *looks up at him again* But I am sure if both Ralph and I talk to him we can convince him... *looks away again* But if you do not hear from me in 2 days that means he locked me in the tower-I mean, my room... *sighs*
KIRYU: *looks worriedly at her*
YORI: Ren, my brother, he is more a... father to me than our real father. 
So when you have that and combine it with me being shun by our own parents and him always protecting me from them... well 
*sighs; sadly* the kind of love the 3 of us; Ralph, Ren and I have for each other was/is kind of wrapped... We only had each other as we grew up....
KIRYU: *thinking*
... I can relate to that.
How old is your brother anyway?
YORI: He is 5 years older... That explains a lot, right? *jokingly* Of course if a kid is bringing up a kid, the younger kid is going to be extremely spoiled. Sweating a little...
KIRYU: ... *smiles, looking ahead of him again* ... I wouldn't know.
*then gets more serious again* ... But what's he like?... What are his views on others?
YORI: He is usually nice but then again so is Ralph... *thinks*
KIRYU: .....
*also thinks*
*sighs* I think it's best if we tell him together.
YORI: ... OK, I will tell you when since he had to go to Germany for something.
KIRYU: ... *seeming a bit surprised*
You and your family sure do travel a lot.
YORI: Yea, he recently moved back but needs some paperwork. *sighs* ... When he left I felt like I was being abandoned. *sad smile* Now I'm kind of wishing he would never come back... and I can not help but feel bad for thinking that... *looking down*
KIRYU: ...
He's your brother.
You shouldn't wish for him never to come back.
 *scolds her, but in a lax way*
YORI: ... *like she's about to cry* I hate him... I hate him as much as I love him... *closes eyes to prevent tears from falling*
KIRYU: *taken aback, looking at her wondering what he said to make her upset* ... Yori.....
YORI: *in a low voice* You said that things you did were far from 'righteous' but... I'm no saint either... *lets out a sigh as she calms down a little*
*looks down and away from him*
*her voice a bit afraid* ... I have also done things I wish I had not....
KIRYU: ... You could not have done something as bad as trying to take others' lives and souls... and even worse...... your own....... *looks away from her*
YORI: You were possessed by an ancient evil spirit... I knew what I was doing... I pushed someone to their limits to the point of breaking her... When I met her, even though she always looked sad, she was still nice... After what I did she became almost a sadistic duelist using her psychic power to torment others... I have used the feelings of others to my advantage. Used their weakness to hurt them and trample over them.... *looks at him with a sad look* And you know what's worse?
KIRYU: ... *looking back at her*
YORI: I enjoyed it... *looks down again, this time not walking anymore and not touching him either* Not once did I regret any of it.... Their misery made me... *bits lip before saying it; gulps scared* happy...
KIRYU: ...
*looking at the ground, thinking*
YORI: ... I did not wish for you to know, however... it is something you had to know, more so after you told me about yourself...
*looking down, holding her arm* ... I am not an angel, or sweet, or cute.... Just like you tried to end your life at Crash town with duels... I started traveling all over the world taking on a dangerous mission... I gave up on living and yet I never really gave up... I realized I loved my life and myself and I could not give up... Yet I did not have strength, never have...
KIRYU: *takes her hand, and gazes into her eyes for a few moments*
YORI: *surprised when he took her hand*
*looks away not being able to keep looking at him*
*in a low voice* ... I want to be a better person... but I am not really sure how...
KIRYU: ... Yori..... *still holding her hand* .... I.....
... I'm worried with what you just told me.... 
*doesn't sound accusing*
... I remember you mentioning you went into a coma....
... I don't really get what you were saying... but I'm guessing it has to do with all of this?
YORI: *nods* ... Someone tried to kill me because of that mission I told you... *sighs* I think it is time for me to stop that too... It might have been well while I did not care about living but I do now... I want to just be a normal girl...
KIRYU: *lets go of her hand*
.... *not looking at her, but looks plain worried*
YORI: *surprised when he lets go of her hand*
*looks down, letting her hair cover her face as she looks sad* ....
KIRYU: *looks back at her*
... Are they still after you?
YORI: *shakes head*
*looks away* My brother dealt with them...
... I have not gone into a mission after the coma... and of course I will not let Cindy do any of that...
KIRYU: .... *just letting everything sink in*
YORI: *nervous, looking away* ...
KIRYU: ... Yori...
... I took the chance of going into a relationship with you without knowing you already.... Although, I haven't really given it much thought...
... However........ I'm looking forward to getting to know you better...
YORI: *sighs relieved and smiles* ... Thank you, Kyosuke...
KIRYU: *gaze softens* .... I just don't get it why is it that you want to be with me that much.
YORI: .... *looks down again* ... I am not really sure either... or rather I am not sure how to put it into words....
KIRYU: .... *a bit nervous; waiting for her to say something more, though not sure if she will* ....
YORI: .... *turns away from him* I could ask the same question... *a little afraid*
KIRYU: ..... I-I..... *nervous* ... I felt something that day.... Like I told you.... that there's something I need to do for you.........
YORI: *turns so she's facing him again* It was fun... *smiles* I was finally able to be myself again.... *chuckles sadly* I had almost forgotten how to be myself... I am not really sure but when you confessed to her.... *looks down sadly* it made me so sad.... it hurt... I wanted to be the girl you confessed to and I could not understand why that was... even now all I know is that I feel extremely happy when I am with you. *smiles at him gently*
KIRYU: *smiles back gently* ... I guess it's the same with me... *says smiling, though avoiding her gaze* .... As for the confession...*looks back up at her* ... I'm really not sure anymore who was it I wanted to confess to... (:>
YORI: *stares blankly at him* ....
KIRYU: ... And... *grins weakly for a moment* ..... I never felt so alive before... I fell............. *struggles to find the proper words*
YORI: *listens to him still unsure of how to take what he said before*
KIRYU: ....... before meeting you.
*says, not really pleased with his choice of words, but doesn't show it*
YORI: ... I think we are alike... in some ways anyhow...
KIRYU: ... Yeah. :) (Smile)
YORI: ... *thinking* ... How about we forget all this and just enjoy today, okay? *looks hopeful at him albeit slightly timid*
KIRYU: *nods* I was thinking the same.
*straightens himself and offers her to take him by his arm*
Shall we continue?
YORI: *smiles in relief and clings on his arm* Yes!
*they continue walking through the park*1
KIRYU: ... So, tell me more about yourself. :) (Smile)
I know what you hate. How about the things you like?
YORI: *chuckles* Sweets... um, games, anime, manga.... music, books, movies... *thinking* ... water, swimming... *blushing slightly* ... walking like this... There are many things I like... How about you?
KIRYU: Well dueling, *rolls eyes* above all else. Is it not obvious?
YORI: *chuckles* And to think I hate it...
YORI: *looks down sadly* It is because of it that my parents are never around... That game has literally taken my parents from me... Ylliaster forced them to make some cards that caused real damage and now I am retrieving them from all over the world, putting myself in danger.... *looks up at him* My brother was the one who did that before.
*closes eyes and sighs* Well, I will not be doing that anymore...
KIRYU: *listens intently* ... Now I understand everything.... *mutters*
YORI: *looks at him and then ahead* Now you see why I did not want you to call me Princess? *snorts lightly*
KIRYU: *teases going with his fingers through her hair in a bit of unpleasant way* But you are a Princess!... *smirking*
YORI: *pouts* ... *thinks*
*blushing* ... I guess I do not mind being your princess... *realizes what she said* Ugh! That was so corny! *looks away*
KIRYU: *chuckles, enjoying* ... I don't mind you being that either... *grins, still smirking*
YORI: *clinging on his arm* Hey, I still owe you for messing my hair. *smirks*
KIRYU: *speechless* ... What, you mean what I did just now?!
YORI: No... from last time, when you got me all drenched and messed my hair... *closes eyes and pretends to be upset* Seriously, it took 40 minutes between BJ, Carly and I to fix it! *trying to hide a smirk by looking away*
KIRYU: .... *looking depressed* ... You really want to get back at me for that?...
YORI: Yes... *looks at him smirking* I am gonna make you laugh till it hurts. *giggles*
KIRYU: ... *looks at her, suspicious*
YORI: *probably noticing the cannon they were passing by* ... Or maybe I could put you inside the canon and see how far you can fly.*jokes*
KIRYU: ...
-_- *groans lightly*
YORI: *giggles* I was joking... but I might do something if I see the chance. *winks*
KIRYU: ... :( (Sad) I thought you forgot about the whole thing.
YORI: Aw, come on, it was fun. *pouts*
KIRYU: ... It was fun, but your timing for payback is the worst.
YORI: I have not done anything yet! *chuckles*
KIRYU: *in a really bad mood*
*in a lower tone, as they go through another tunnel* It hurts, Yori.
YORI: ... *pouts looking sadly at the ground* It was just a joke...
KIRYU: .................... That stomping on the foot hurt.
.... Emotionally, more then physically...
....... I'm just afraid you'll do something like it again.

*they get out of the tunnel and onto a bridge*
*from both sides, down under, are cannons and tanks put out on display*
YORI: *looks down sadly, reflecting* ... I am sorry... *leans onto him* I promise I will do my best not to do anything to upset you...
KIRYU: .... *sighs*
*puts his arm around her*
YORI: *smiles* ... It is hard to walk like this... and we are in public. *smirks*
KIRYU: ....
... See that tank way over there? 
*moves the same arm up to her shoulder and points to their right* I heard that there are under-water mines and torpedoes right beyond those trees behind it - I think they'd be perfect for you to try and ride them sometimes.
YORI: ..... What is that supposed to mean? -__-
KIRYU: Well, since you were complaining about riding, I thought that this would help you see all the virtues of the speed world.... *teases*
YORI: F.Y.I. I have no problem riding. *looking all proud* That is Cindy.... *looking away* I cannot ride for a whole different reason...
KIRYU: *as they get off the bridge* ... You okay with telling me why?...
YORI: ... *skeptic look* Remember why I called you when I got here? That is why. *chuckles*
KIRYU: *remembers*
YORI: I know how to ride but my sense of direction is so bad... That is why Ren does not let me ride... *chuckles*
KIRYU: ... *grunts lightly* There's Ren again.
YORI: *surprised* What?
KIRYU: *entering another tunnel; sighs* Oh never mind.
YORI: What is it? Tell me.
KIRYU: .... *staying silent - thinking how to put it so it wouldn't be taken in the wrong way*
YORI: *leans into him a little as she waits for his answer* ...
KIRYU: ... *glances at her as she does* 
*in a low voice, a little reluctant* ... You shouldn't let him control you that way...
YORI: *smiles tenderly at him, understanding* ... *closes eyes briefly before answering* Most of the stuff he does or says is for my own good.... I mean, with my horrible sense of direction, would you be calm if I ride my bike in a place I do not know?
KIRYU: .....
*smiles* No. *grinning* Actually, I would have probably done the same thing if I were him.
YORI: See?
... Even if he does things I do not like and gets upset I know that it must be for a good reason, and the same goes with Ralph.... 
*looks up to him* I mean, after you defeated him and he saw your reaction, after he pulled that prank he accepted you.... *looking away* On the weirdest way but... he did...
KIRYU: ... Prank?
... What part of all of that was a prank??

YORI: ... Him interrupting? *sighs* I was really annoyed though.... still am a little...
KIRYU: ... *takes him a moment to get what she said*
*they get out of the tunnel*
... I didn't think that was a prank....
YORI: *not looking at him, blushing slightly* ... I did not think so either till... um, *blushes harder* well, you know he gave you... that.
KIRYU: .......
... I didn't think that was a prank either.
YORI: *sighs* Well, I am already used to his jokes and pranks so I know when he is doing them.... I almost want to get back at him with his own prank but *blushes again* no way I could pull it off...
KIRYU: ....
*awkward silence*
*sighs* Your friend sure is a weird one.
And tell me, is your brother a Duelist too?
But a REAL Duelist, not like Ralph.
YORI: *gives Kiryu a look* I am the one stuck with him for life!...
And yea, Ren is a Duelist... but I hate dueling against him. 
*sighs* ... It is scary. I have changed my Deck now but back when I had my Light Attribute Deck... *shivers as she remember and grabs tighter to his arm* ... he is too strong...
KIRYU: ... ?!........
*looks in front of him, seriously* ... Guess I'm going to find that out for myself.
YORI: Eh? *taken aback* No, you cannot! *shakes head* He will not hold back!
KIRYU: *looks back at her as she gets upset*
... Don't worry Yori. It won't be the first time I faced a very strong Duelist.

*looking at the road in front of him* ... Besides, if he's such an authoritative figure in your life, I'll have to face him sooner or later.
YORI: I know you are strong, Kyosuke, and in a normal Duel I really would not know who could win but... *looks worriedly at him; lowers her voice* he has some of those cards that make damage real. *looks to him with a scared look, fearing for him* You will get hurt... and if it is a Riding Duel, that would be even worse since he can increase his sense a lot more...
KIRYU: A Ridding Duel?! *gets pumped up even more*
Well that changes things a lot. *kinda excited, but only his voice shows it*
YORI: ... You are insane... *looks down sadly as she lets go of his arm* I do not want you to get hurt...
KIRYU: It'll be fine.
*smirks* I was a Dark Signer. I played with real damage before.
YORI: ... Duel me. Before you go and face my brother, you are going to have to duel me... I may not be able to do a Riding Duel but my sense is as strong in a ground duel... If you can not defeat me, you stand no chance against my brother...
KIRYU: ... *stops dead in his tracks and looks at her blankly, shocked*
YORI: And Kyosuke... *smirks* I may hate the game but I am good with the Deck.
KIRYU: ......... *bursts into laughter*
I accept! *grinning deviously*
YORI: Okay... but not today. *grabs his arm again* Let us just enjoy our date. *snuggles against his arm* :) (Smile) ... But seriously, do not take me lightly... I am the strongest Duelist at school. Wink/Razz
KIRYU: 'School'?....
... Wait! You mean you're a Duel Academy student?!!
YORI: *amused at his surprise* I do recall saying I am a student and yes, at Duel Academy. *smirks*
KIRYU: ......
*grins to himself* Girl you're giving me everything I ever wanted out of my life!
I faced and took down the entire Satellite, then I went after Security - I got my full title of the Death God back again - and now I'm going to face the very Duel Academy and Tenmas all in one blow!
YORI: ... *shakes head* You really are crazy. *smiles* Well, good luck but I will not go easy on you just because I love you...
KIRYU: ... o.o
*looks at her*
YORI: *looks at his face* What? *confused and clueless*
KIRYU: ....
... You just said... you 'love' me.

YORI: ... *face flushes* Eh? I did? *covers mouth*
*looks down* I'm sorry... I did not mean to say it lightly... *babbling* ... but I am always blurting out stuff.... I am sorry.... *very embarrassed*
KIRYU: *a small smile appears on his face* ... If you said it like that, then you are probably thinking it... *in a low voice*
YORI: That is the thing, I do not think it... just blurt out whatever I am feeling.
*realizes what she said*
*blushes even more and puts her head against his arm trying to hide her face*
KIRYU: *looks away from her, smiling lightly, star-eyed*
YORI: .... *doesn't look at him, too embarrassed to do so*
KIRYU: ... *turns back to her*
*moves his arm so he could free her face*
*as he sees her completely flushed, can't help himself but give her a kiss*
YORI: *tenses a little when he kisses but relaxes almost instantly and kisses back*
KIRYU: *as he ends it* ... You're so sweet when you're innocent, Yori...
*to himself, closing his eyes* ... Damn I'll never forgive myself if I hurt that part of you.
YORI: *clinging on his arm* I am not as innocent as I may seem.... *smirks*
*in a lower voice; she tries tip toeing so she's closer to his ear* Remember what I did in the bathroom so you would let me go? *stops tip toeing and chuckles*
KIRYU: *closes eyes and stifles a chuckle* I know. *also speaking in a low voice* I also know you want to sleep with me.
YORI: *in a seductive voice, or at least she's trying* How about using what he gave you then? *smirks*
KIRYU: ... Oh you'd want that, wouldn't you? *smile slowly fades from his face, leaving a very small smirk*
YORI: *looks at him smirk and then down* ... *looking away* I was trying to get back at you just now, guess not... I mean, sure, I would but not just yet... *blushes* I'm not ready...
KIRYU: *looking at her blankly* ....
... Yori, I didn't give it a single thought in bringing you to bed anytime soon.

*realizes how he said it*
... And I 
don't want it to be like anything like that!...
YORI: *clinging on his arm and resting her head shoulder* I know. *smiles* I know you are going to cherish me and so do I...
I know you will respect me and I do not want that kind of relationship like both Ralph and Ren are used to...

I am being serious about you. *looks up at him*
*touches his cheek*
KIRYU: ... *smiles, closing eyes for a moment*
.... *his expression turns back into a serious one again*
.............. I'm sorry Yori.
YORI: For what? *confused*
KIRYU: *kinda sad, turns to her* ... I gave you that kiss too soon. I should have waited... *now really sad*
YORI: *looks blankly at him for a moment before chuckling* But I liked it! *hugs him a little tighter, reassuringly* Besides, *blushes*you are getting better and better at it. *smiles sheepishly*
KIRYU: *smirks lightly, but is still sad*
YORI: ... Hey, *blushing cutely* could you do that again? *looking away*
KIRYU: ... *blinks* ... What?...
YORI: *pouting slightly, still blushing* ... *almost inaudible* Kiss...
KIRYU: ..... .__. ... *turns away quickly*
*mutters* ... Damn it, you're irresistible....
YORI: *tugs at his jacket* Is that a yes? *trying to get him to look at her*
KIRYU: ... *really nervous, not sure if he should*
YORI: ... Fine.... I will not force you... *pouting, looking away from him*
KIRYU: ..... *looking a bit confused, but is relieved*
*looks back at her*
YORI: ... But you owe me a kiss...
KIRYU: *smiles*
*moves in closer and tells her in a low voice* I owe you everything.
YORI: *confused* What do you mean?
KIRYU: *gives her the look*
YORI: *looks confused*
KIRYU: ....... Remember when I told you back when we were in the closet, that I'd relay on your girl instincts to explain it to you? *still giving her the look*
YORI: Yes...?
KIRYU: .... And what was the next thing I did?
YORI: ... You kissed me on the cheek... *still not understanding*
KIRYU: .... No, I did that before saying it.
But either way - I 
YORI: *perplexed* ....
KIRYU: ..... *sighs* ... You dense girl....
*in a voice only she can hear* .... By 'everything' I meant all the kissing, hugging and lovemaking a guy can ever give to a girl.
But only if our relationship works.
All in good time...
YORI: *smiles sweetly* I will be looking forward to it and I am glad you think like that.
KIRYU: *smiles back with the same smile*
And I just realized something.
When I kissed you back in the closet, that was my way of telling you I like you.

*shakes head*
... I confessed to you before I confessed to Cindy and you didn't even get it.
YORI: But a kiss on the cheek is a greeting or a thank you or a sign of friendship.... *a little shocked for what he just said*
... *as the words sink in* Wait, you confessed to me? OK, now I am really confused. *rubs her temples with one hand* .... Just what kind of a girl do you like anyway? I mean you did say you were not sure who you like... *grunts lightly as she gets a headache*
KIRYU: How do I know?
I told you, I've never been in love before.

*as he notices she's feeling uneasy* But don't rack your brain over it. *pats her gently on the head to calm her down* .... I just still can't get it why do you like me so much.
YORI: *calms down a little, feeling better when he puts his hand on her head*
not looking at him* ... I am the same... you say you are in love but... who with? What was it that made you feel that way? I do not get it either...
As for me... 
*takes a deep breath* I am not really sure but I really enjoyed our little "game" of getting each other. I like your kindness... your craziness, your eyes... I have to admit that there was something there that puzzled me... like something familiar and I think it is because we are alike...
KIRYU: *really touched by what she said*
:) (Smile) ... *sighs* ... I'm really not sure who was it I fell in love with.
... If it's Cindy, I feel like it's an already lost battle...

... *remembers something* Yori, who was it that called me a 'lolicon' when I confessed? You, or her?
YORI: I did. *suppressing a smirk* We changed places right after she finished telling all the bad stuff about us... she was feeling too awkward...
KIRYU: *mouth drops and just stares at her* .....
YORI: *looking away* ... Could not help it... Lucky Star was playing on my mind. Wink/Razz
KIRYU: .... *still in shock, but just a bit less; didn't close his mouth completely either*
YORI: ... So, why so shocked?
... Sorry, but I could not help myself but to tease you.
KIRYU: *groans, covering his face with both hands* ... I am going to kill you both!...
*as he puts his hands down* ... I thought that was her!
YORI: ... Why does calling you a loli matter? *totally confused*
KIRYU: Not because of that - because of your constant switching!
... You 
smiled after that - that was the only way I knew you accepted that confession, and I thought Cindy did that!
YORI: *sighs* I told you... Cindy only has eyes for Yusei. *a little upset though manages to hide it from Kiryu*
KIRYU: ... *makes a long sigh and closes his eyes*
... Yori.
If you pay me back for what I did with you in the shower, I swear I'm going to throw you into Danube, because I owe you a MAJOR payback for all the switching you and she did that day!...
YORI: ... *looking down sadly like a scolded child*
*mutters* ..... I was not going to do anything...
KIRYU: *studies her for a few moments, then looks down and sighs*
*looks back at her, really relieved*
*moves in closer slowly and goes with his fingers through her hair, caressing her*
YORI: *not looking at him although enjoying his touch* ... You said before to not be sweet if I was going to throw you away... *looks at him sadly* I could say the same...
KIRYU: .... *stops what he's doing*
... Yori... don't you get it?

*smiles* There never was any Cindy.... It was just you and me...
*takes him a moment, then he starts explaining* .... First, I thought you were in love with Yusei. And that you already had a relationship with him.
... Then, after you told me there were two of you in there, 
*points at her* I thought you weren't the one I fell for...
.... I was so confused....
..... I'm sorry. 
*means it*
YORI: *shocked* ... *looks up to him* ... Y-you mean it? For real?
KIRYU: *rolls eyes* Well who was it that was with me during our every 'intercourse'? You - or Cindy?
YORI: It was both of us... We just kept switching a lot though it was mostly me, I guess...
KIRYU: ........ On which parts was it you?
YORI: *tries thinking back* .... Well, I threw you. *looking away a little embarrassed* Um, then in the closet after the hug, or more like during the middle of it... *looks back at him* We had to switch then she just could not stand it.... the closet, I mean. *adds quickly* For the cake fight it was my idea... she did it... *looking away* ... The cleaning... I really did not want to...
KIRYU: ... I take it it was you who was on my back all the time - when you decorated Aporia - as well as after that...?
YORI: *nods* After the confession it was mostly me the rest of the evening and it was I who talked to you every time after that...
KIRYU: ... *thinking* ... Then why did Cindy.......?....
YORI: *looking away* ... It was her who introduced us, who did not like you and it was her idea to throw you....
KIRYU: ..... *a little shocked, and somewhat disappointed*
YORI: .... *sighs* ... I am sorry...
KIRYU: ... *the shock disappears and the other expression stays; in a low tone* ........ For what?...
YORI: Switching... confusing you.... It is just, neither of us thought that this would happen... *looks down and sighs* I just wanted to make friends and have fun... :( (Sad)
KIRYU: *looks down, sad*
YORI: *thinking back* ... She was the one to introduce us both... she was the one to snatch the paper from you too and said you reminded her of her brother, after that we changed again and I was the one who went after you for teasing her... *trying to remember more*
KIRYU: ..... And the beginning? When I went at Aporia? *snickers* And you ran away?
YORI: *looking away*
*nods* ... It felt like you could see through me... I did not like it...
KIRYU: *bursts into laughter*
*smiles with a very bright smile* Well you see then? I was right.
YORI: *smiles a little, feeling relieved*
*clings on his arm again and closes her eyes* ... Thank you.
KIRYU: *looking at her, smiling*
*puts one of his hands around her and relaxes*
YORI: ... I feel like I am the happiest girl in the world, as well as the luckiest... :) (Smile)
KIRYU: *smiles gently* .... Do I really make such a big impression on you?
YORI: *smiling at him* There are no words to express it...
KIRYU: .... :) (Smile)
Then I guess I'm as lucky as you are.
The Date pt. 2
"1 - They went over the bridge (…), through a tunel (they all pretty much look like this:…), went up a small climb, are now in the middle of the park (…,…), and are nearing another tunel with a big cannon just before the entrance, on the right"

Nigsea: Well, look at that! It's part 2 :D
BillieJean485: Impossible became possible. :XD:
Also - welcome to the official beginning of the never-ending drama! :dummy:
Nigsea: True.
...I don't know what to say about this, except that if you have read my fic "My Dream, My Reality" now you know what Yori did to Aki...Not that it's a secret really but the girls just decided to keep it to themselves since it's part of the past to them.
BillieJean485: Yup, yup. Also, I guess we should mention that the Tenma surname is something really big in the YGO! world, as you may have noticed...
Nigsea: Yeah, if any of you read the Yugioh R manga, then you would know that Pegasus adopted a few kids. Two of which were the Tenma twins and from which I created my OCs, including Yori's father as the youngest Tenma and youngest son of Pegasus. So, basically Yori is Pegasus' granddaughter.
BillieJean485: So cool when you think about it. :D
Nigsea: Is it?
BillieJean485: It is to me! :D And I don't see why others wouldn't think so (trolls not included).
Nigsea: Ok, I think that's it for now. Till next time!
BillieJean485: Bye-bye! :aww:

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